Perfect Imperfection (Infographic)

Perfectionism is…well, hell. It evokes a behavioral rigidity that makes navigating the ever changing, fluid world a constant challenge. I confess, I am a perfectionist and it isn’t necessarily a strong suit. I think many people would want you to believe that it is a positive attribute, that you’re a hard worker, always striving to achieve the best but it can really also evoke the opposite effect. I’ve frequently suffered from analysis paralysis, a deer in the headlight reaction to having to make even simple choices and also severe procrastination because in both instances I didn’t know how I could ensure that I wouldn’t “fail”. I know, call the wahmbulance, but honestly it is a pain and a process to manage perfectionist tendencies. I know I’m not alone, I’ve worked with others and unfortunately for others with similar issues- people who would wait until the very last minute to complete proposals/reports so they could rush to get it done and then forget about it, rather than get it done early and spend days in a never ending cycle of editing. It was frustrating to say the very least because it unnecessarily compounded the stress of the situation. I could understand it however, because I was notorious for these practices all through high school and college…but the only person it affected at the time was me. Skip ahead to now, building a business with an endless to-do list is enough to drive me, for lack of a better phrase, batshit crazy. I’m well aware that mistakes are a part of life and I’ve made plenty to date, however I still get a nagging feeling that the sun won’t shine any longer if I make even one more. Thankfully I can recognize the irrational thoughts that comprise my perfectionism, have a good laugh and work on lessening their impact moving forward. Below is an infographic on the plight of perfectionism, let’s forget about achieving the unachievable!

Perfectionism Infographic

© 2011 intraMuse Creative

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