Project: Engines Off! Colorado Campaign

Website Landing Page

The City and County of Denver’s Department of Environmental Health has an extensive anti-idling program entitled Engines Off! Engines Off is a collaborative effort between the Federal, State, and local governments in Colorado to improve regional air quality by reducing vehicle idling, a significant source of air pollution. Transitioning from a local Denver centric campaign, Engines Off! has rewritten the website for Engines Off! Colorado to provide complete online resources for anyone interested in reducing idling in their community or at their company. Taking a cue from their tag line, “When you stop, turn your Engine Off!”, the website is designed around an earthy collection of stop signs. The photo emphasizes the stop message while not directly depicting it in the context of traffic (where you don’t want to turn your engine off!), but rather in a beautiful natural setting that encourages healthier habits.

In addition to redesigning the website, we also created a detailed infographic for their Clean Air at Schools: Engines Off! (CASEO) program. CASEO is a collaboration campaign between federal, state, and local governments, county school districts, regional air quality planners and non-profit organizations in Colorado. The aim of CASEO is to reduce air pollution exposure at schools in Colorado by working with parents and school administrators to raise awareness of the risks from vehicle emissions and to reduce idling vehicles at pick up time. Below, the infographic summarizes the key points of the program and representative data from their study thus far.

Infographic for CASEO

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